LA FORÊT DE BOIS DE BOUT is an innovative approach to End Grain flooring and wall covering. 

The collaboration between designer Raphael Navot and Oscar Ono Paris challenged the technological know-how boundaries with adventurous aesthetics. The End Grain collection was created with the intention to revive an ancient tradition that gave way to the widely spread flat grain parquet. The collection focuses on protecting the natural quality and durability of this tradition while introducing an engineered contemporary version that allows an easy application similar to the typical ‘groove and tongue’ parquet system. 

WOOD EYES SURFACE is all about knots, faults, scars, imperfections - significant moments in the evolution ofa tree, all of which the wood industry today considers as waste, as problems for which it is constantly inventing new technologies and extended selective process to avoid in the praise of stability and perfection.  More info: Photo credits: Vincent Leroux 

Resp: Milco Dobbeling
T: +31 (0)20 74 00 940