• There is no minimum order.

  • We are always happy to answer all the requests from all sources.

  • Please contact us on made@oscarono.com and we will provide you with the information, requirements and trainings if necessary.

  • Find here the list of our showrooms and official distributors.

    If there is no showroom/ distributor at your convenience area, please request a sample by contacting us on made@oscarono.com and we will be happy to deliver.

  • We have multiple production in Eastern Europe but our main warehouse is in Amsterdam.


  • Wood is a living product and a color variation is a natural outcome. The variation may be less visible the higher the selection.

    Parquet can darken or lighten naturally by exposure to sunlight as well.

  • Our products receives different types of finishings and treatments depending on the collection, color and texture. These products are all fire retardant and very well tested.

  • 1. Daily maintenance:
    Vacuum or sweep, being careful to remove any spills (especially greasy or stained) as soon as possible

    2. Weekly maintenance:
    This is the most important step because by diluting a parquet soap, the floor will be (1) washed but also (2) lightly greased.
    For info: with each pass we apply a little “grease” which will allow the finish to remain intact.

    3. Furniture note:
    Avoid scratches by installing felts under the legs of chairs and tables
    Avoid using swivel chairs with casters, the majority of these chairs do not have felt casters

  • Oscar Ono wood is coming from European forests that are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

  • On request Oscar Ono can supply products with FSC certification (Forests managed in a responsible environmental  manner)

  • Oscar Ono wood materials are classified as Cfl-S1 which is fire retardant and with little smoke development.

Installation and maintenance

  • Both the Forêt and Opus collections were designed with joints mainly for aesthetic reasons of calepinage. Technically, the socket joints have indeed been treated with an invisible liquid varnish to make them viable.

    Nevertheless, if you prefer filling the joints, the plugging must be carried out on-site according to the following instructions here

  • Absolutely! All our products are compatible with a floor heating system.

  • Parquet installation in general is not a simple process and strongly recommend letting experienced professionals handle the flooring installation process for you. Forêt collection installation is not more complicated as it is provided as pre-assembled boards. We recommend you contact us at made@oscarono.com if you need any guidance.

  • It is not advised to install parquet in a place with abundance of water like bathrooms, poolside and SPA. It is however possible to use Oscar Ono special collections in the walling in well ventilated rooms. Although our boards are very technical and stable, we never recommend using parquet in these areas.


  • As a rule of thumb, add 10% of waste materials. We will advise you the right amount depending on the collection and the plans provided.

  • The delivery time is variable depending on the stock, production time and delivery time. Please contact us on made@oscarono.com and we will be happy to answer your question.

  • Our stock may vary depending on the collection and production time. Please contact us on made@oscarono.com and we will be happy to answer your question.

  • Oscar Ono commits to deliver the goods in the same description, quality, and quantity as further described in the offer. seller guarantees to buyer that the goods, at delivery, have the characteristics that buyer can expect with the agreement under normal circumstances. This also applies to special use, as far as both parties have foreseen and registered this when the agreement was made.

    PS: Because wood is a natural product, dishing of the wood is acceptable up to 2% with regards to the breadth of the floor part.



November 20 – 27

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November 30 – December 04

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oscar ono paris foret endgrain collection ateliers courbet raphael navot design miami art basel