Oscar Ono - Architecte Israel - Classics Naturel - Beach Front

Oscar Ono’s craftsmanship travelled all the way up to Tel Aviv in Israel. Interior architects bureau Kimmel Eshkolot Architects chose our CLASSICS collection of hardwood flooring for their captivating design of a beachfront penthouse. The location of the penthouse shows the grandeur of the city through stunning overviews to look at for ages. Kimmel Eshkolot Architects made sure the interior doesn’t compromise. Warm, earthly tones set the mood for a tranquil and naturally bright decor. Oscar Ono’s CLASSICS naturel finish – wood in its most natural state – blends in supplely into the setting. A different palette of wooden undertones is found throughout the entire house. The by nature inspired artwork was given an honorable place in this stunning design. It’s refreshing to see how marble and wood are put together in an interesting marriage that will withstand the test of time.