Boutiques Caroll

Oscarono Parquet - Collection Classics - Finish Naturel - Project Caroll - Rodolphe Parente - Paris

Architect Rodolphe Parente designed the interior of this Caroll boutique in Paris. Caroll has been a leading brand for nearly 60 years in elegant and lively women’s clothing, for both business and leisure.  The architect went for a white and beige color palette. Oscar Ono’s naturel flooring of our CLASSICS collection , gives the exact finishing touch for Rodolphe’s vision of a serene, elegant yet powerful setting. He makes the collection speak for itself with a mix of modest and colorful designs, while retracting the decor of the store to the background. His design gives power to the collection, as Caroll wants to give power (back) to women. The reading nook makes the setting feel all the more welcoming and homely to the 21st Century woman wanting to feel both comfortable and empowered in their daily attire.