Oscarono Retaildesign - Collection Classics - Finish Miel Doux - Project Celio - Paris

Male fashion brand Celio had their 205m² boutique in Paris redesigned by architect bureau Costa. In three months, they refurbished the store into a colorful and open space that reflects Celio’s brand identity. White functional cubicles alternate with brightly colored ones around the entire store. The choice of Oscar Ono’s Miel Doux flooring reveals the architect’s vision of neutral back tones to further emphasize Celio’s collection. It brings a calm, warm element to the bright store. This type of flooring can be found in our CLASSICS collection and is a great choice for residential, hospitality and retail projects. Another interesting choice of Costa is the counters design, mirroring yet again the store’s wares while creating the illusion that the store is even more spacious as it is. A clever choice of design.