Oscarono Endgrain - Collection Foret - Raphael Navot - Diptyique Paris

Alexandre Roussard brought the rich history and philosophy of the 1960’s Parisian perfumery Maison into every aspect of its design. The architect chose the revolutionary handmade marquetry of Oscar Ono’s FÔRET collection. With its naturel finish, it effortlessly serves as an appealing foundation. It goes perfectly with the Maison’s by-nature-inspired fragrances, such as green fig, dry cedar, and sandalwood. The floor stands out beautifully next to the Baroque-inspired elements that give the perfumery the exact feeling we would expect for such a grand Maison. Pompous, yet delicate elements could have you believe you just entered a room in the palace of Versailles, were it not for the playful modern elements that give away the innovative spirit Diptique is most known for. Alexandre Roussard captured these elements in his clever design.