Oscar Ono - Architecture Paris - Classics Naturel - Project Goutal

Interior architect Vincent Morin collaborated with the internal team of the perfumer Goutal Paris to create their new visual identity. This will be deployed across the entire network and future openings of the brand. The boutique on Rue des Rosiers in Paris was conceived with the founders’ love for (white) flowers in mind. The name of each Goutal perfume resonates like the title of a novel, which  undoubtably triggered the designer’s imagination. Oscar Ono’s CLASSICS collection is a great choice of flooring, as the naturel finish showcases hardwood in its most natural state, looking exactly like untreated oak. Knowing that Parfumerie Goutal only works with unprocessed raw materials, architect Vincent Morin handpicked the perfect fit to resemble their brand identity. The decorative aspects of his design are an ode to flowers, seasonal colors and the elegance you would expect of a fine brand like Goutal Paris.