Le Printemps

Oscarono Retail - Collection Classics - Finish Rocher-Blanc - Project Le Printemps Paris

Architect bureau Entim Architects was asked to redesign these spaces in the sizable Printemps store on Hausman Boulevard in Paris. Printemps, meaning ‘Spring’ in French, makes use of the seasonal change’s colors of red, brown, blue and yellow. The architect bureau stuck to this color palette for their decoration. They used bright blue and green carpets that stand out splendidly on Oscar Ono’s flooring. The CLASSICS  rocher blanc finish celebrates the Japanese burning technique “shou-sugi-ban”  revealing a hardened and textured oak. Beige, black and wooden elements align perfectly with the grey tone of the floor. These neutral tones make sure the collection of Printemps stands out, making sure the customer’s focus stays with the brand’s notable collection.