Private apartment ‘Trocadero’

Oscarono Architect - Collection Classics - Finish Naturel - Project Trocadero - Rodolphe Parente

This 300m² apartment in Paris was fully refurbished and designed by architect Rodolphe Parente. The end result is a spunky mix between the original Art Deco style of the apartment and incorporated decoration pieces of the late 20th Century. The setting oozes with nostalgia for the 80s. Rodolphe Parente is known for using bright colors as an undertone to a neutral palette, creating a striking visual. The pastel pink and purple elements stand out beautifully against the white, marble and wooden decor. The floors by Oscar Ono integrate smoothly as the base the architect used to slightly contrast the wooden tones of the furniture. For this effect, he went with the naturel finish from the CLASSICS collection . The charm of the original architecture is preserved well. The  untreated oak design look of Oscar Ono’s craftsmanship, found throughout the entire apartment, creates a warm yet luxurious look.