Private Townhouse

Oscarono Parquet - Collection Classics - Finish Rocher Brun - Project Private Townhouse - Architect Arthur Casas

Bringing the outdoors to the bustling center of New York City, Studio Arthur Casas chose the Rocher Brun finish from Oscar Ono’s CLASSICS collection to set the base for this idyllic decor. Our flooring technique reveals a hardened and textured oak. Studio Arthur Casas’ naturally blends this into the setting. Soft, minimalistic design is paired with handcrafted wooden elements in this naturally bright and notable private townhouse. Calming tones of nature are found in alluring functional art pieces. Modern clean fixtures were added to complete the boutique interior. The architects established a charming scenery that creates an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city center. With success, the architects managed to extend the allure of nearby Central Parc, right into the living room. Meanwhile, they bring an ode to popular design trends of the 20th century that are still highly regarded by renowned designers in the fashion industry to this day.