Yacht Sd118

oscarono foret endgrain collection raphael navot yacht sanlorenzo bismut architecture sd118

This imposing private Yacht Sd118 was designed by interior architect bureau Bismut & Bismut in Italy. Brothers Daniel and Michel Bismut are French architects and interior designers. They were invited to design this Yacht for San Lorenzo Shipyard. The end result makes for  a stunning scenery of natural elements with a light earthy color palette for the materials and fixtures. To stay with the nautical theme, the architects implemented hints of blue and sea inspired decoration. The stairs to the upper deck could be considered an entire art ‘pièce de résistance’ on its own. It is shaped in such a way, one could think it represents an ocean wave. It is supported by our very own revolutionary FÔRET collection end grain marquetry that can be found throughout the rest of the Yacht’s interior. Oscar Ono’s FORÊT natural finish provides a nice textured oak that plays with light. Invisible UV oils seal the surface and offer a very high resistance. An absolute delight to look at.